Empowerment, Advocacy, and Support for Hispanic/Latina Breast Cancer Survivors

ALAS-WINGS’ mission is to advocate for and improve the lives of breast cancer survivors through education, mental health programs, and emotional support groups for Hispanic/Latina women and their families. All ALASWings programs are free and conducted in Spanish.

ALAS-WINGS, a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization, is dedicated to empowering Hispanic/Latina breast cancer survivors by providing comprehensive education, support, and resources for women facing a breast cancer diagnosis. ALAS emerged from the dreams and passion of one Latina breast cancer survivor and has grown to become the preeminent Hispanic/Latina breast cancer support organization in Chicago. ALAS has established strong relationships with cancer centers, major hospitals, and community organizations throughout Chicagoland that provide support for uninsured and underserved Hispanic/Latina women and their families. ALAS distinguishes itself from other breast cancer organizations by offering personalized, vital services in every phase of the breast cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship. In addition to offering support groups, mental health programs, and other activities that include yoga and nutritional education, ALAS works with communities to support breast cancer screening and to provide counseling and advocacy for women navigating the challenges of cancer treatment.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ALAS transitioned to a 100% virtual platform to continue providing education, mental health, yoga, and support group services. Through our virtual platforms, we now reach women and institutions globally. ALAS participants and speakers are from the US, and Latin America.

The goal of ALAS is to enable Hispanic/Latina women to receive the very best care and encouragement possible so they can move beyond cancer and live fulfilled and happy lives. ALAS has the desire, commitment and knowledge required to accomplish this goal.