Nilda Garcia
CLC, CEIM, CPMT, Faith Community Nurse-Healthy Step Specialist, Chicago

Nilda Garcia has been a nurse for over 25 years with a passion of serving those who are underserved.
She has worked in various settings, including hospitals, public health clinics, a school and in several
churches. Also, she co-founded a family drop in center in Little Village serving Mexican immigrants.
Since 2013, she has worked for Advocate Healthcare as a Faith Community Nurse, where part of her
mission is to help facilitate healing of the congregation and the community. Her role includes integrator
of faith and health, health educator, personal health counselor, developer of support groups, referral
agent, coordinator of volunteers, and health advocate.

She has been impacted by cancer, personally and professionally. It was through her work that she
became inspired to serve those who were suffering from cancer. Her Latina heritage, including language,
was an avenue of service to patients who may not have had knowledge of available resources in the
community. In particular, Latina women are her focus and she then partnered with ALAS.

Nilda currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and certifications in lactation, infant massage
therapist and educator, child passenger safety technician and Healthy Steps specialist focusing on child
development from birth to age three. Her hobbies include gardening, creative decorating, and
interacting with her husband of thirty-three years along with her three adult sons.

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